now gargling

by Nesey Gallons



a collection of oddities from between and during "when we were clouds" and "two bicycles" summer 2002-winter '03


released February 14, 2003

played by nesey gallons

julian koster plays drums on "xarvaleine"


tags: pop Old Town


all rights reserved
Track Name: you'll need a boat
youll need a boat where youre going
and youll need wood for the fire
and youll need to fall where theres no one to catch you and carry you off in their arms
if your feet knew where they were taking you
id be surprised if you walked another mile
youll need a boat where youre going
and youll need wood for the fire
and youll need a boat where youre going, my friend
hum hum hum hum hum hum
Track Name: on a greenlit window
and on a greenlit window
a comedic child blew his brain on the floor
only their mother stood laughing
as others dropped their umbrellas and rummaged for keys at the door

now that youre gone ill sing in the car
with a cigarette between my fingers
Track Name: snare drum in a bottle
in your arms i slept
for many days i dreamt
you were in a boat rowing west
i sent a bottle containing a snare drum
you werent able to respond
ill stare at the coffeepot now that youve gone
Track Name: no one to love
you should have known there was no one to love
known there was no one to love YOU
Track Name: mouths one
ohnargle flaught snarldy...
Track Name: soon after duck
youre only a telephone ive missed
close those long sleeved shirts
im an exhausted telephone
so when you disappear i havent got the mother of your book
and theres very little else to describe
if you were killed a phonograph would know/fuck your face
and youd eat the needle
walking through apple trees in quiets hold
and looking back over skinnied shoulders
to when you were a trampoline and i loved you more in my memory
why, you belong in outer space!
walking those streets alone
Track Name: we together below
well ive wondered how youve been.

has london taught you how to be english?
im certainly quite pleased to see that youre still breathing
and ive wondered how youve been.

will i always be a boy from a novel
that you wrote when you were just seventeen?
and in fiction will i be depicted forgivingly?

and ive wondered how youve been...

we together below snow falling
at dusk with wonder in our eyes
oh theres a longing in my heart to love again
Track Name: drunk on valentines day
Track Name: blue just like you and i
just like you and i
Track Name: her table feet
table feet kicked
brought furniture CRASH

coaxed a beating from a friend
of a friend of a friend

i was always photographed

a corridor beneath your lap

cracked uncoiling on two spinning wheels
and reaching arms most quickly tired

each line dripped
blanket canvases knew, bored of familiar veins
that trickled but could seldom prove to pour

remove your shirt
pretend a wall approves
benefit from pictures glued to disguise your room
from the place only youve known
the strangers faces stare as you intend to blow
a hole maybe tiny but perfect

a silhouette of dropping heads
tip touches paint to reddish the glass
with streaking newspaper strokes

a disappointly crescendo for beautiful tonight
and every night
until the backyard finds you kneeling
chest shook heaving
a screeching girl tumbled to the grass
when you walk away dont give her skin to grip
chew knuckles until steps contain no weight but your own
Track Name: tomorrow ill be gone
tomorrow ill be gone
maybe forever
Track Name: xarvaleine
xarvaleine ive tried but dear floatings been all ive known for what must be six thousand autumns now
but i know we will find our eyes fading into silver phases just as our fathers and our mothers did long ago when we were still so awfully pale and silent

xarvaleine all that we were born to be is closing back upon itself with alarming speed
oh i recall youth and its reachings toward every corners blackness detected by my eyes
Track Name: new england
ill be sleeping with your clocks tucked between my blankets
dreaming of your green eyes
and you bicycling by my house in cold new england weather

(improvised nonsense sounds and horrid saw warbles)

ive been in love with mouths that sang of childhood centuries
childhood centuries
Track Name: dearest phonograph
well i would wear your name
in cursive on my chest
written with your knives

lets crawl about the city
our accordions bleeding
maybe itll make the papers

your face is in a novel
entitled "dearest phonograph"
typewritten in the 1920s

well i would keep your baseball card
in a glass frame on the wall
next to my birthday rocking chair