southern winter

by smouldering porches



written by nesey gallons
recorded in winter/spring '09-10
by nesey, with derek lending a hand or two
grady avenue attic, reese street, sylvia circle, derek and emilys, satula ave, and pj's room at the hangar, in the city of athens georgia

the poor fidelity/distortion featured on several tracks is due to my use of old 1/4" reels of bible tapes from the 1970s i got from habitat for humanity.

thank you to everyone who was kind to me during these terrible, blurry days when i was a horrible fool. i'm sorry.

the front cover is a photograph i took of my momentary home on meigs street in the winter of '08/09.

"there is something in this life without me" is something that was in an old zine by my childhood friend eva louise that stuck with me. i don't know if those words are hers (i should ask) but the others are mine.

newly transferred from the original mixes in May 2015


released August 6, 2010

the smouldering porches:
nesey gallons: singing, guitar, banjo, ebow, bass drum
derek almstead: upright bass, hammond organ
patrick jennings: banjo, piano
samuel henry: drums



all rights reserved
Track Name: there is something in this life without me
you you who breathes breathes here still where are you? who are you? there is something in this life without me
Track Name: when you are gone
when you are gone the trees wont flower the light from the sun wont reach anymore when you are gone when you are gone the world wont turn another day when you are gone when you are gone
Track Name: popham beach
bright as lanterns were your eyes somehow i found you in this light snow angels melted in the sun broken sand dollar in your arms when you and i were still alive
Track Name: starlings at dawn
i lost everything i loved and i killed everyone i loved but if you see the starlings at dawn remember to smile somehow
Track Name: fall asleep in the rain
fall asleep
fall asleep in the rain
see you again someday

wake up as high as hotels
in the treetops
float from town to town

these shadows loomed
long before i found you
Track Name: pleiades
in another era we'll be alone
flood please reach me from nantasket avenue

i know where the pleiades are because of you
Track Name: you will blow away
you will blow away
only your clothes will remain
the bedrooms where you dreamed
kitchens where you sang

you will disintegrate
treelimbs you climb will break
you will remember your days
you and her once were brave
eye to eye you prayed

no one knows why you came
no one knows why you stayed
no one knows why you made
your home in her heart
Track Name: ghosting
nowhere we've been breathes on..

the night will bring sleet
and the morning will bring fog
the fog brings back memories
but nowhere we've been breathes on

our photographs have turned white
footprints taken with the tide
when will we three meet again?
i know, i know
through the stereoscope
Track Name: walking pneumonia
please dont forgive me

in the storm i will wander past every house where we lived and remember the years gone by
Track Name: you will come back
you will come back:
in a birds nest
as a comet
as a church bell its true

you will come back
written on a postcard
blown from hand
adrift in a puddle

you will come back:
as a rosebush its true
as whale song
in a hailstorm soon

you will come back
seen through binoculars
rowing over waves
returned from the horizon
Track Name: new brunswick
i wont wake up without you
and now you go floating into the night
youll disappear forever from sight

would it be the same if we'd drove to new brunswick?
Track Name: bridge to dreamland
i dreamt i saw my friend again washed ashore on the beach
i saw the waves crash in her hair and the sand in her teeth
oh what comes my love when its over?

i dreamt i saw my friend again on a carousel
remember how band organs sound when theyre dying?
oh what comes my love when its over?

i dreamt i saw my friends again sledding on the hill
even from ram island lighthouse i could still hear their laughter
Track Name: abandoned houses
i will follow you through abandoned houses
i will read from your childhood notebooks
see the bedrooms where you grew up

i wake up next to you under a quilt
i will go to school and sit at your old desk
and i wish we were friends when we were young
as snow fall falling asleep in the yard

i will follow you through abandoned houses
though the world is casting doubt it wont keep my love from you
has someone lulled your heart toward death?