two bicycles

by Nesey Gallons

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Collin Nelson
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Collin Nelson Quiet and melodic, takes you on a nice mental walk through a park in autumn. At least it feels that way... Favorite track: cold weather bring your arms.


Songs written by Nesey Gallons from August 2002 to January 2003

Recorded in Athens, Georgia by Julian Koster and Nesey Gallons, Autumn 2002 (Sunset Shed) and Summer 2005 (731 Pulaski). Additional overdubs and mixing in Deathville, New York in Winter 2005

Thank you to the Gerbils for lending us their tascam 388. Hannah Jones and Bo Tompkins for letting us borrow some drums. Derek Almstead for the use of a Stella parlor guitar. Brent Jones for a cymbal. Will Westbrook for coming by the house and taking a nap during a recording session. Sunny Taylor for tolerating all the racket going on in the other room. Matthew Johnson and Patrick Byrne for the Sunset Shed session. The influence of The Clouds/Natural Bridges and my time with the Joseph Boys is tangible. Patrick again for passing through precisely when I was re-recording these songs. Jill Carnes for being the best drummer in town. Spaceship will always equal friendship. Will Cottrell for the traintrack clatters and roasted pecans. Sarah Moran for July 44th and the green Schwinn. Jeff Mangum for an evenings electricity, during which I wrote "oh moon" in his bedroom and ate a can of baked beans. And a sympathetic bear hug. Stephen James for letting me borrow his sisters guitar. Marcus Estes for coming to the rescue when I was homeless. Giving me a typewriter, a pair of shoes, and a place to sleep in that enormous house on Dubose. Heather for letting me stay in her basement apartment until I found somewhere else to live. Tim Schreiber for a friendly ear and a couple beers on his front porch on the night I learned my friend was moving away to NYC. Carla Williams for being impossibly kind. Everyone at the five points jittery joes who let me have free coffee and all the muffins and bagels that didn't sell. Who else? Probably everyone. And that tree limb on Hill Street that almost killed me.


released February 14, 2006

played by:

nesey gallons: vocals, guitars, ukulele, pump organ, piano, bass guitar, noise, banjo, turntable

julian koster: drums, bass guitar, vocals

jill carnes: drums, vocals

patrick byrne: banjo, percussion, flute

matthew johnson: drums, ukulele, vocals

sarah moran: said not to go to the ocean without her, and played accordion.

will cottrell: clattering



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Track Name: cold weather bring your arms
cold weather bring your arms to my bed
i fell off a building writing letters to photographs seen in the evenings
oh! tug at my shoelace
tonight silhouettes will follow you
and mount photo will be haunting you
and ill be alone in the house
cold weather bring your arms to my bed
Track Name: lonesome death
pack your suitcase
lets go to new england and die a lonesome death

but we'll go to coney island
and we'll go swimming in the ocean
before walking to our graves
Track Name: if i were you
if i were you id change my name
live in a pumpkin field in maine
and hang a rotting rollercoaster from a treelimb near my house
and every other early morning id feed apples to the birds thatd visit me from time to time when their beaks wished to speak with mine
and maybe if you were me youd come and sleep next to me
and we could gargle on the roof while plucking bowties from our hair
and if were you i wonder if youd know just how much i loved you when i left your body and returned to mine
Track Name: piano's reminiscings
ive been written in a blue room sleeping there toward no one and in the years that youve crowded ill be lonesome enough

for billy a rose on the doorway and your sister loved a raincloud who sang with a teapot

so clarinet slept with her tigers while the fireman got his gun and shot it out a window
now new york city snows are GONE
Track Name: bicycle laughing street
you were in love with:
the morning snowfall
outer space
phonograph flowers
baseball diamonds
tonight you must bicycle laughing street until it is morning in the city

you were in love with:
the birds singing
lake nicatous
clara rockmore
luna park
but tonight you must bicycle laughing street until it is morning in the city

how could you tell i'd been longing for you death?

you were in love with:
the arctic ocean
photograph mountain
the lives of pianos
sarah on rooftops
but tonight you must bicycle laughing street until it is morning in the city

how could you tell i've been longing for you death?

and in the darkness every night ive known of a spark that swallows shadow ive wished i was with you aboard an ocean liner set sail for europe but i know you could never need someone for travelling

so tonight you will bicycle laughing street
and only the stars will see you leave
Track Name: i've been so blue
you were younger than your years and i couldnt leave your window
ive been so blue
you could never sing on the telephone and i missed the cold weather
ive been so blue
you missed november more than your brother and i never answered with laughter
ive been so blue
Track Name: januaries januaries (ruth street blues)
i waited for this to be over
two years now at least
for this to be over

oh its quiet for now

is it cold where you are?
it is cold where i am

ive tried rationalising your disappearance
until it became insignificant

but i recognise that language
having spoken it with your brothers
for many years now

and i recognise that image of you
having dreamt of it in my bedroom
for many years long gone

oh its quiet for now

is it cold where you?
Track Name: what next what now
what next what now little ghost
how'd you find your way from black into my eyes?
fold your jacket over a chair
might we babble our longings together
shrug the cold from our shoulders
a quiet photograph
just black and white
of you and i sharing an umbrella in the rain
Track Name: horseshoe throwers blues
now its one foot then the other until several years later you set foot in my town
how dare you stroll?

now two bicycles are rusting in the rain

take beautiful for example you sucked the milk from her body and then fed her bones to the ground i know there is blood dried to those fingers you push inside of me now

its one foot then the other until several years later you set foot in my town
Track Name: on sleepy islands
there will be no songs sung by the chimneys or the trees tonight while we're sleeping beside our windows
and come morning clouds descend into city streets avenues disappear forever

you felt a little bit alone when you were in my arms
but in your eyes silhouettes of flowers fall, flowers fall

but ill be there in my astronomers jacket at your snare drums birthday party conducting the musicians who will play pump organ and violin arrangements ive written for the occasion

and you felt a little bit alone when you were in new york
but in your eyes silhouettes of flowers, flowers fall

so snowflakes will find us laughing at our helmets in october upon sleepy islands
Track Name: black clouds
we wont breathe until the black clouds pass by

i went walking in the darkness without a jacket or umbrella
there was laughter in the cold for days
eyed the white silhouettes

we wont breathe until the black clouds pass by

cry stream tears sorry dreamer soon youll thank the candle and remember when you were wandering an abandoned airfield in the falling snow

we wont breathe until the black clouds pass by

carousel stars are coming out now over the ocean where the otters swim